"One of the first comments people make about my CD is to compliment the gorgeous string section. Ryan's arrangements have spoiled me -- I'll never be able to go back to MIDI strings again! I'm thrilled to have found S.O.S. -- Ryan and his players are a great resource for an indie musician."
-Matt Ryd, Chicago Illinois

"Short Order Strings allowed me to have a dream come true - real strings on a song of mine! They created a string track we loved!" -Graham Thomson of The Years, United Kingdom

"Short Order Strings is a great find. I highly recommend this service for anyone needing real strings for their recording project." John Paul, Toronto Canada

What is Short Order Strings?
Short Order Strings is a world class music production service that provides songwriters, artists, and composers with live strings for their recordings. By handling every aspect involved in arranging, recording and producing live strings, Short Order Strings saves the artist money and time over the traditional studio approach.

How does it work? A simple 3-step process!

Fill out an order form and send us an mp3 of your song.

You'll be contacted to discuss the song and receive an mp3 demo of the arrangement for your approval.

Once the arrangement is approved, send us payment via paypal and receive the final live string tracks.

More questions? Check out the FAQ!

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